Gourmet Grade

Our signature matcha grade for blending

Ceremonial Grade

Balanced sweet flavor

Premium Grade

Ultimate matcha flavor

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Great Matcha!

“The Ceremonial Matcha from Lively Matcha is truly delicious. The flavour is as vibrant as the beautiful green colour and the quality is excellent. Highly recommended!”

Mel / Blog Virtual Vegan

Magical and Powerful

“I started 3 weeks ago, I used to drink 3/4 cups of coffe a day. I won’t ever use coffee again as a source of energy. The kind of energy you get from lively matcha is so much more potent yet natural, and celestial. I work out everyday, and before matcha I was struggling lately to find the energy to do it. #ForEverLivelyMatcha”

Diana Gutierrez / lively matcha lover

Excellent Quality

“Lively Matcha Ceremonial Matcha is simply delicious! I love making almond milk lattes with in the afternoon as a pick-me-up instead of coffee. The flavor is wonderfully smooth and the quality is great!”

Kaleigh / Blog Lively Table

The Best Choice

I am a Matcha lover, and have been constantly on the look out for the best matcha. I invited a couple of my tea buddies over for us to evaluate Lively Matcha Ceremonial Matcha, and the decision was unanimous! It was delicious. It has the right level of sweetness, very natural and refreshing. It also gives me a steady boost of energy, lightens up my mood and relaxes my mind.

Jillian / lively matcha lover