The Most Powerful Super Food in a Cup!

Matcha is the oldest and most premium variety of green tea in Japan. With extraordinary health benefits and extremely high levels of antioxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients, mathca tea is the most exciting discovery of the 21st century’s modern tea world.

Premium matcha is ground into a fine powder. When drinking lively matcha you consume the entire tea leaf and enjoy 100% of the benefits of the plant.



Matcha is known today as the healthiest, rarest and most premium of all tea varieties of Japan.

More and more consumers are discovering now about this exquisite tea for themselves – and restaurant chefs have begun to unlock the potential of this versatile tea. Matcha is ideal to produce green tea flavored treats.

At the same time, world’s leading chocolate brands, candy makers, ice cream producers, chefs and restaurateurs are already offering Matcha ice cream, Matcha truffles, Matcha chocolates, Matcha desserts, Matcha lattes and Matcha smoothies using gourmet matcha grade.

A New Era of Tea

For over 800 years, Zen Buddhist monks have been using matcha green tea as a meditational drink. They needed something in their systems that could allow them to meditate for hours without falling asleep. After trying so many plants and teas, they discovered matcha, which allowed them to meditate all day without falling asleep.

Only very few tea farmers in all Japan have the knowledge required to produce this premium tea, that’s why we don’t buy from anybody, we grow and harvest our own grades of matcha in Nishio Japan.

The Process to Make Matcha

Matcha tea starts as Gyokuro which grows slowly in shaded tea plantations in Nishio, Japan. The fresh leaves are primarily handpicked, dried with steam and ground by low friction granite stone mills into an ultra fine, jade green powder, and finally whisked typically with a bamboo whisk producing a creamy velvet, full-bodied premium green tea.


Here’s Why You Should Drink Matcha

  • Matcha provides the highest amount of antioxidants in any known super food
  • Calms and relaxes your mind
  • Improves your memory and concentration
  • Gets you off coffee addiction
  • Get a steady natural energy boost
  • Kick your metabolism into next gear
  • Enjoy a natural sweet flavor
  • Makes smoothies, shakes, frappes and desserts
  • Brings wellness to your mind and body

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