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lively matcha is more than just the best matcha store. We live our story and our beliefs every day. We discovered matcha over 2 years ago, by looking for alternatives to the coffee addiction some of us had (specially Christian, who we’ll share his story in a bit).

Matcha is an ancient tradition, 800 year-old tea that Zen Buddhist monks have been using as spiritual and meditational drink.

Why should Zen Buddhas keep all the fun?

And so, our journey began. We went out, adventurous and challenged, to create a modern contemporary brand just for you, so we could bring you the most powerful and energetic Japanese matcha tea to your door.

We spent months of research and testing every matcha farm in Japan we could find, until we found the best for you.

Funny story about Christian & Miriam, founders of lively matcha.

I’ve been an Entrepreneur all my life, trying different ideas and always hustling to make them come true. However, all my projects have been on the side while having a day job to pay the bills. For the past few years, trying to stay awake longer and to have enough energy to work after hours, I developed a “coffee affection” (or what I call coffee addiction). What once was my fuel became a sick-horrible addiction. I was drinking 5-6 cups of coffee just to get through my days. This addiction led to painful headaches, jitters, and nervousness all the time. Although I could stay awake longer, I was always desperately accelerated. A feeling I do not wish for anybody to go through.


“I was crying for help, but I couldn’t see it, coffee had taken over my life and it was time to find a solution to my problem.” -Christian Arriola, co-founder of lively matcha


Miriam, co-founder of lively matcha (and my fiance at the time) suggested to look for a tea that could potentially replace my coffee addiction.

Of course I took her advice. I tried all kinds of teas; black, green, Japanese or Chinese, from all over the place. I tried any brand I could find. Although many of them had a great flavor, none of them helped me replace coffee. So the search continued for several months, until I discovered a so called “magical” Japanese tea called Matcha, which could potentially replace coffee in my life.


Matcha changed my life, it was the perfect coffee replacement.


Guess what happened next? You probably guessed that one right! I started drinking matcha tea, and the rest is history… I was able to get rid of coffee, I feel better than ever, with more energy, eager to work long days without headaches or jitters, and the best part? Matcha has become my passion and my most successful entrepreneurial project ever!

Sometimes is not about selling expensive products to feel good, but to be able to provide high quality products that bring wellness to people, just like it did to me. I try to talk to every customer that tries lively matcha and I love hearing how matcha changes their lives too; feels great to be such an important part of their lives!

I loved the flavor of matcha and the benefits of it, that I found a way to make it even better, bringing the most energetic and powerful powder into the US.


Today, we ship matcha all over the United States, converting coffee addicts into matcha lovers and we now have our first lively matcha tea shop open in El Paso TX!


Why we’re different:

There’s many places where you can buy cheaper lower quality matcha, either a local healthy market or a local tea shop, so why buy from us? At lively matcha we live and die by our supreme quality and taste of our powder. Our main mission is to bring you the freshest and most premium quality of matcha tea delivered to your door every month! Something that otherwise you would have to travel to Japan to get it!

It only takes a couple of weeks from the moment we hand pick the leaves from our Japenese farms to the moment they are ready to be shipped out to you from our tea shop in El Paso TX. We guarantee your tea will be pure matcha, with a natural sweet flavor that is not pre-blended with absolutely anything else than the pure leave ground into powder.

Who are we?

lively matcha is an online retailer (and we now have our first matcha tea shop in El Paso TX), founded and ran by a small team of highly efficient people like you, that drink matcha every day to have the energy and focus to deliver your premium matcha always on time.

We don’t have hundreds of boxes of product sitting in warehouses, moving all across the country, waiting for months to be shipped out. Our inventory is constantly moving and it only takes a matter of weeks from the moment we hand pick the leaves in Japan to when our matcha lovers receive their powder at their doorstep. This is our guarantee of Japenese freshness to your door!

lively matcha vs. other brands


Enjoy a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked! lively matcha teas will be the most powerful tea you’ll ever taste.



Where’s lively matcha located?

Although we don’t have a “Silicon Valley” modern playful office yet, we love our tiny little space, where we make magic happen and we get to serve you the highest quality of matcha in the world. We now have our first matcha tea shop open in El Paso TX, aka “Sun City”, where summer heats up to 110F and winters can also be rough as low as 0F degrees. Take note that in summer matcha frappes are very refreshing, and a warms premium matcha bowl can warm us during the winter season. Oh man, we love matcha!

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