Step by Step Guide for a Full-Bodied Matcha

Most people think that making matcha the traditional way is not easy. However, the truth is, they just don’t know the simple secret and techniques of making a perfect matcha.

Organic green matcha tea top view

Preparing and whisking matcha to make it frothy on the surface can be a fun experience, especially when serving it to your guests.

1. Before adding water to your bowl, we recommend to sift your matcha powder using a tea strainer or a sifter to avoid clumps of matcha from forming in the tea. (Get all the items you need here).


2. Serve 2 bamboo tea scoops (1 tsp.) in the bowl


Here’s the secret.

3. Add 2 to 3 oz. of pre-boiling water to the bowl (180F / 80C). Boiling water is not the most suitable for matcha, because it doesn’t bring out the best flavor and the natural mild sweetness of the tea.

4. Using the bamboo whisk, whisk vigorously in zig zag motion, with the motion making the letter “W”. The whisking brings oxygen into the tea to create a nice frothy layer on the surface with many bubbles.


4a. (Optional) To remove air bubles, simply strike the surface of the matcha lightly with the bamboo whisk a few times, until air bubbles are gone. After matcha has been whisked, it’s up to you if you wish to add more water to adjust for your desired taste.

Do not add any water, until after whisking!

Maintain your matcha fresh

Keep your matcha in the refrigerator (preferably avoid freezer), keep away from any moisture and direct contact to light and keep away from items with strong odor.



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