Matcha Wholesale is Ideal for Businesses like:

Coffee Shops

Fitness Centers

Gourmet Stores



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Own a restaurant, coffee shop or retail store? Matcha is one of the biggest trends in the beverage industry and you’re missing out on a huge business opportunity if you don’t carry lively matcha teas yet. For this year, matcha is anticipated to grow at least 120% in the US and Canada.

It’s time you monetize this huge opportunity and maximize your business’s sales onto a whole new level. With profit margins of up to 95% on prepared beverages, lively matcha will become one of your best sellers in your business.

On top of this huge opportunity, by joining our family, you become one of us! You will have access to all our matcha gurus, marketing and design team, all our recipes, and all the help you need to succeed; completely free of cost to you… Who else can give you that? Help and guidance from a matcha team that know the product and know how to make it perfectly can become a big asset to your company.

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It’s quick, easy and painless to join our lively matcha wholesale program and start monetizing all lively matcha products.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Apply to our lively matcha wholesale program using the form on this page (We will contact you asap).
  2. We will discuss strategies for your business to start carrying our products and maximize your sales.
  3. It’s ideal that your business is a: coffee or tea shop, restaurant, fitness center, or retail store.
  4. We have a very low purchase minimum, as we truly want you to succeed with lively matcha.
  5. Get our recipes, tips, tricks, marketing materials, and matcha training for anybody in your company.
  6. We do have bulk matcha products for our matcha grades
  7. Place an order, receive it, and start boosting your sales!


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